Yoga Bolster in Black & White Print by Scoria

Yoga Bolster in Black & White Print by Scoria

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Compared to the average unlined or lightly-lined bolsters, Scoria's bolsters are made with durable & high quality inner lining. They also contain about 25%+ more filling and are made from natural & certified organic materials. 

A yoga bolster can help provide support through deepening or assisting in yin practices and restorative asanas. Our yoga bolsters are created with top quality, sustainability and comfort in mind.


>GOTS certified (fair trade & organic process) natural cotton filling: organic buckwheat hulls 24” W x 9” H | 4 kg   non-toxic fabrics & dyes plastic free 

>Carrying handle for convenience removable cover & inner casing for easy cleaning

>Ethically made   

Care Instructions:

To wash outer casing, remove and wash on a delicate or hand wash cycle.

Scoria Gives a portion of proceeds empower Indigenous youth through play-based education for healthy living and life-skills