Botanicals Cork Yoga Mat by Scoria (4.5mm)

Botanicals Cork Yoga Mat by Scoria (4.5mm)

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Artist designed Cork and Rubber Yoga Mat by Scoria

Weight: 7 lbs. Dimension: 72" x 24" 

Thickness: 4.5mm (standard thick)

100% natural cork and tree rubber ultra-grip for sweat, lose the towel...plant based & sustainably harvested for a non-toxic practice

No pvc, per, tpe or harsh chemicals

Perfect for hot yoga, gentle yoga, meditation

Cork is naturally anti-microbial eliminating odor with plastic free packaging. 100% grip with sweat, no more using towels.

Spray with water to activate sweat-grip in cold practices until body is warm.

Scoria Gives a portion of proceeds empower Indigenous youth through play-based education for healthy living and life-skills