Ahimsa Amethyst Necklace

Ahimsa Amethyst Necklace

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Ahimsa, meaning do no harm, was the guiding principle of Mahatma Gandhi.


Hamsa hands are symbolic reminders to do no harm, and are also worn as hands of protection.


To me our hands are perhaps our most profound tool. When used positively, they give, touch, reach, create, mold, speak (ASL), embrace, carry, protect and so much more.


The Hamsa hand reminds us that we have the tools to protect, empower, and give generously  to ourselves and others.

Ameythst is a highly protective crystal as well as a natural tranquilizer.  It relieves irritability, reduces stress,  balances mood swings, calms anger and anxiety.  Can activate spiritual awareness, intuition, and enhance psychic abilities.  


They come on an 18”  alloy chain.