Sacred Geometry Wealth and Prosperity Crystal Grid Canvas Bag

Sacred Geometry Wealth and Prosperity Crystal Grid Canvas Bag

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This Sacred Geometry Crystal bag is designed with the crystals and gemstones to amplify and atrract prosperity and abundance.

In sacred geometry Metatron's Cube represents all things, and the energy in the Universe that connects all things.  This makes Metatron's Cube a strong symbol to conduct energy, easily removing negative energy,  and attracting positive energies.  It was named by Archangel Metatron, who watches over the flow of energy and creation.

 Crystals and gemstones are precious creations from Mother Earth.  They are so much more than just pretty rocks;  they contain energy that can assist us in healing, transforming, and manifesting our intentions.

By combining sacred geometry and specific crystals,  the energy will be amplified.  Add a focused intention as you are wearing it and you might just feel the vibrations and the energy shift around you.

Crystals included are:

  • Citrine: this is the stone of wealth, prosperity and abundance.  Citrine brings confidence, willpower and courage to help you achieve your goals and attract abundance.  It also brings the courage and confidence to go for that life changing opportunity.  Citrine has been nicknamed "the merchant stone" because it helps you attract money, save money, spend money wisely, and not lose money.  It inspires generosity and helps control the outflow of money. 
  • Adventurine: this stone is known as the "stone of opportunity".  It brings good fortune, new opportunities and opens the doors to new ventures and projects.
  • Gold Tiger Eye:  this stone is said to bring courage, confidence and strength of mind.  It is also known for to create opportunities for growth and amplify the energies you give to your career or business pursuits.  It boost money flow and help you save your money.
  • Clear Quartz: this stone is said to bring clarity and clear vision for your goals.  It will amplify your intentions in the universe and therefore will help you manifest what you want quicker.  It will also amplify the energy of all the other stones on the grid.





Measures Approx: 6.5" (L) x 0.25" (W) x 8.5" (H)

Quality canvas material and uniquely designed Includes 28" shoulder strap

 Zippered closure. Fabric lined interior.

Made with genuine crystals and gems.